The fireworks in Mt Eaton is June 30,2018- and as done in years past they will be setting up and set off from our club. So on that day, Saturday June 30th, all ranges are closed. They need the whole day to set up, but members may fish the ponds, […]

Mt Eaton 2018 Fireworks

We would like to thank everyone who came to help today to put the new roof on the clubhouse and clean the basement. It only took THREE HOURS! That’s amazing to me. I’d also like to give a special thanks to Joe Keim and Joesph Schlabach, who are roofers by […]

New Roof 5-25-18

On Saturday, May 26th at 8am All ranges at the club will be closed. Our roof is in desperate need of repair, so we are putting on a new metal roof. We are asking that as many club members as is possible come to help, as we will also use […]

New clubhouse roof/workday

We are very close to being able to draw for this  raffle. We had decided we wanted to draw during a meeting, so we’re shooting for the next meeting which is on Tuesday, June 12th at 7pm. Anyone who has unsold tickets or sold ticket/money please turn in ASAP. If […]


I need to take a minute to vent. You as members should need that too after reading this. Someone is once again shooting up the target holders on the rifle range. Shooting the posts with shotgun slugs, I believe at least once with a large caliber  rifle, and shooting shotgun […]

Destruction of rifle range

As is every year, it’s time me to renew dues. Dues for the following year are due no later than December 31st. Your dues cover your membership through December 31st 2018 and are used for various important club expenses, such as taxes and insurance. Dues are $60.00 to renew your […]

Dues for 2018

There is a new rule in place for boats left by our ponds by members. Any boats that are left by the ponds are to be secured with a lock so they can not be used by other people, in particular children. They need to be kept out of the […]

New Rule for Boats on Ponds

Club Members and Non Members! Our club is in need of trap boys/girls to work our trapshoots. The job includes loading the targets into the trap house, loading targets into the trap throwers, pulling targets for the shooters/keeping score, and clean up and miscellaneous duties. This gives children a good […]

Trap Boys/Girls Needed

Thank you for your consideration in joining us! Becoming a member at Lenape Trail is easy. We prefer you do this at a meeting, which is at 7pm the second Tuesday of every month, so we can meet and welcome you – however we also understand that work schedules and […]

How to become a Member