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Hello members! Its time once again to pay dues. If you remember, we had changed the due date to December 31st, and dues are $60 per year. The new due date ensures we have the money ahead of time to pay the high end bills we have at the beginning of the year, like property taxes, liability and property insurence, things of that nature. Also, it was voted and approved for each member to sign a document stating that the member will respect club property and not try to destroy it or be held financially responsible for the damage done. Like shooting the trash can with a shotgun or purposefully shooting at the target holder posts rather than hanging targets on the mats for example. To remain a member, this document must be signed and on file at the club. This document has to only be done once, it does not have to be resigned year after year. This was done, of course, because of problems we had on the gun ranges over the summer and those examples I gave are part of what was done.

The easiest was to accomplish this is to come to the next meeting which is December 13th at 7pm and pay your dues, and at that time you can sign the document and it’ll all be good. Otherwise, I will be mailing out dues notices with the document, and you’ll have to return your dues payment with the signed document. Bear in mind that a dues payment without the signed document is not considered being “paid in full” and you will not be a member until I receive it. This applies to all members, including Lifetime members. They too will have to sign one or forfeit their membership status. It is the feeling of the council and all members present who voted at the last meeting that if a member does not intend to purposely damage club property then there shouldn’t be a problem signing. Thank you for your cooperation and membership.

John Sokol, Treasurer

Lenape Trail Sportsman Club

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One thought on “2017 Dues

  • Tom Martin

    I missed the December date, can I still renew my membership. Please send me a form to sign and I will return it with my check.