Monthly Archives: June 2017

Wild Ohio Magazine, distributed by the Ohio Department of Wildlife and Natural Resources, are featuring clubs this year in their magazines. We are in the Summer edition!  We are right in the middle, third one down from the top. Looks really good!

Wild Ohio Magazine

6/24/17 Just thought I would post a couple pics my wife took with her phone tonight of the fireworks shot from above our rifle range. I thought it was neat, from where we sat at the hardware store Old Glory was in the forefront and the fireworks going off right […]

Mt Eaton Fireworks 2017

As we have always done in the past, we will be hosting the fireworks in Mt Eaton from our club.  The Mt Eaton fire department sets these off, and they have requested additional time to set up and after the fireworks are in place firearms cannot be shot near them […]

June Range Closing

I’d like to take a moment to announce our Club now has a new President,                    Mr. Terry Engle! Terry is a faithful member who regularly attends meetings and shows genuine concern for the welfare of the club. He had told me […]

New President