New President

I’d like to take a moment to announce our Club now has a new President,                    Mr. Terry Engle! Terry is a faithful member who regularly attends meetings and shows genuine concern for the welfare of the club. He had told me at last nights meeting about different organizations and such that he has or had been involved in, and also is an          ex police Cheif. He can be reached at      (330) 268-2974 if you have any concerns that the President needs to address. Welcome to politics Terry! Haha

I’d also like to remind members that the Apostolics of Canton will be renting the Club this weekend. They are camping out there, so all ranges (bow, pistol, rifle and trap) are closed from this Friday, June 16th and Saturday, June 17th.  Ranges are reopened Sunday, June 18th. However, the Club is still open to members on those dates for fishing.

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