Trap Boys/Girls Needed

Club Members and Non Members!
Our club is in need of trap boys/girls to work our trapshoots. The job includes loading the targets into the trap house, loading targets into the trap throwers, pulling targets for the shooters/keeping score, and clean up and miscellaneous duties. This gives children a good idea of what the working world is like. How to work with coworkers, gain responsibility, take pride in their work and some pocket money to boot! Trap boys/girls are paid $25 cash plus tips each night they work, plus free food and drink. Must be able to come to the club every other Friday night, from 5:30pm until ???? – shoots last until shooters are ready to quit. Usually that is between 9 and 10pm, but occasionally that ends up later. Ages can range from 10 years old on up to whatever. Parents, please use your judgment on your child’s age and level of responsibility – all kids are different at different ages, only you know what they are ready for.
If interested please contact Lee Brown at (419) 651-0730

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