New Rule for Boats on Ponds 1

There is a new rule in place for boats left by our ponds by members. Any boats that are left by the ponds are to be secured with a lock so they can not be used by other people, in particular children. They need to be kept out of the way of other members so they can fish from shore, but chained and locked in some way. You can secure them to a tree or a stake in the ground, for example. But again, this needs to be done in a way that it is out of the way for people to fish from shore. Of course, the next option is you can always take it home and just bring it with you when fishing. Children have been observed by themselves out in boats unsupervised, and of course this is a dangerous situation, this is the reason for the new rule. On that note, please be reminded that only members may use Club grounds, and children or guests of members must be with the member to use the facilities, including fishing the ponds. The new rule is in effect immediately, and at the end of October unsecured boats will be removed.

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