Rules & Regulations

We would like to thank everyone who came to help today to put the new roof on the clubhouse and clean the basement. It only took THREE HOURS! That’s amazing to me. I’d also like to give a special thanks to Joe Keim and Joesph Schlabach, who are roofers by […]

New Roof 5-25-18

As is every year, it’s time me to renew dues. Dues for the following year are due no later than December 31st. Your dues cover your membership through December 31st 2018 and are used for various important club expenses, such as taxes and insurance. Dues are $60.00 to renew your […]

Dues for 2018

Hello members! Its time once again to pay dues. If you remember, we had changed the due date to December 31st, and dues are $60 per year. The new due date ensures we have the money ahead of time to pay the high end bills we have at the beginning […]

2017 Dues

I would like to take a moment to discuss range safety. Our pistol and rifle ranges are designed to be safe and fun for all, however no amount of design can make anything completely safe. Only you, the member, are responsible and have the ability to ensure a safe environment. […]


3D Fun Shoots Every Monday night at  6pm beginning June 6th through September 26th Competition Shoots Labor Day, September 5th Saturday, September 17th Registration for Labor Day and Saturday shoots begin at 8am to 1 pm and the public is welcome to both Fun Shoots and Competition Shoots! For more […]

3D Archery Schedule

1. Hunting on club property is permitted using shotshells only. No buckshot or slugs permitted. 2. Hunting for squirrel, rabbit, ducks, geese and turkey is permitted. 3. Deer hunting is permitted using archery equipment only. No shotgun, pistol or muzzeloader hunting for deer. 4. Proper hunting licenses, tags, stamps, etc. […]

Hunting Rules

  1. Bow fishing is allowed for carp ONLY. 2. Swimming is not permitted in any of the ponds on club property. 3. Fishing license is NOT required by Ohio law to fish on private property. 4. Must be a member or guest of the club to fish or use […]

Fishing Rules