Veterans in Ohio no longer have to pay for CCW license new or renewal, and Military  Veterans no longer have to take a class prior to getting a CCW license. 

Attention Veterans! New CCW law

Hello Members! Our President, Terry Engel, asked me to announce that we will be drawing for our gun raffle at the May meeting, which is Tuesday May 14th at the clubhouse. If you have unsold tickets or money and stubs to turn in please do so by the May meeting.  […]

Hello members! Once again it is that time of year to pay dues. No notices will be mailed out, so don’t forget to pay dues before December 31st or the late fee will apply. Dues are $60 before the 31st, $80 after that date. You can mail in dues to […]

2019 Dues

The fireworks in Mt Eaton is June 30,2018- and as done in years past they will be setting up and set off from our club. So on that day, Saturday June 30th, all ranges are closed. They need the whole day to set up, but members may fish the ponds, […]

Mt Eaton 2018 Fireworks

We would like to thank everyone who came to help today to put the new roof on the clubhouse and clean the basement. It only took THREE HOURS! That’s amazing to me. I’d also like to give a special thanks to Joe Keim and Joesph Schlabach, who are roofers by […]

New Roof 5-25-18

On Saturday, May 26th at 8am All ranges at the club will be closed. Our roof is in desperate need of repair, so we are putting on a new metal roof. We are asking that as many club members as is possible come to help, as we will also use […]

New clubhouse roof/workday

I need to take a minute to vent. You as members should need that too after reading this. Someone is once again shooting up the target holders on the rifle range. Shooting the posts with shotgun slugs, I believe at least once with a large caliber  rifle, and shooting shotgun […]

Destruction of rifle range