Club Rules & Regulations 11

1. ID membership cards must be presented upon request. If no ID card can be presented, the member asking for it has the right to ask the person(s) to leave the premises. Any member may ask anyone using club grounds to see their ID card at any time.

2. No shooting hard ammo from the parking lot or clubhouse.

3. Rifle range is for shooting hard ammo only, no shot from shotguns.

4. Rifle and pistol ranges are open 9am to dusk.

5. Shooting on rifle range at rubber hanging mats on backstop ONLY. Do not shoot the wooden posts, railroad ties , or hang targets on wooden mat holder

6. No targets on the ground or on top of the backstop.

7. Breech must always be open.

8. Archery shooters are required to change the range sign by the clubhouse when using the range.

9.  Please clean up after yourself. Utilize trash cans appropriately.

10.  All ranges, bow and gun, are closed during the time the grounds maintenance crew are working on the grounds. This is usually done on Wednesday mornings, but the crew has the right to change that day without notice.

11. Fully automatic firearms that require a class three FFL to own and bump fire systems may not be fired on club grounds or at any of the ranges.

12. Rifles of any kind may not be fired on the pistol range.  However, pistols may be fired on the rifle range

13. Alcohol is not permitted on club grounds

14. Anyone caught stealing club property or purposely destroying club property will be permanently expelled from the Club.

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