Shotgun patterning

According to the new rules for our club, shotguns are only to be shot on the trap range. No longer are they to be shot on the rifle range (except to sight in slugs) nor can they be shot on the pistol range. Which brought the question ” so what if your not wanting to shoot trap?”. There is a need to pattern shotguns, and some people also have tactical shotguns. So I have put out a target that cardboard can be hung from for these situations. The target holder is located in the trap building on the far right, along with the cardboard. Just set it out on the trap range, facing more towards the old pond we are filling, hang a pi cenof cardboard from it and VIOLA! You have something to shoot at. Make sure to have your shooting in a safe direction. Be mindful of people on the rifle range as well as hikers in the woods. Please throw the shot up cardboard away and place the target holder back in the trap building when your done. Hopefully this works out well for anyone wanting to shoot shotguns at something other than trap. I’m going to try to include pictures of it in this post – but bare with me, I’m still learning how to navigate this new website.

John Sokol