Ponds Rule Change 7-10-19

So, we had another discussion and vote at last nights meeting on the ponds and fishing to try to clear up the size of fish problem. It was voted on and approved last night to catch and release all fish except for bluegill, which must be 9 inches or larger to keep. Smaller than 9 inches must be left in the ponds. This catch and release rule is in effect from today until September 15, at which time the normal size limits will be reinstated. If you see anyone taking out and keeping any fish other than 9” or larger bluegill please call me or our President Terry Engel and let us know who it is. Card them, if they are not a member write the plate number down. We need to catch who it is that’s taking fish of any size out of the ponds. As a member, it’s your money they are wasting.

Thank you

John Sokol,