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I would like to take a moment to discuss range safety. Our pistol and rifle ranges are designed to be safe and fun for all, however no amount of design can make anything completely safe. Only you, the member, are responsible and have the ability to ensure a safe environment. […]


Fish Limits for 2016 These are the size and bag limits for the club ponds for 2016. Bag limits are in the aggregate, per group. Bluegill and Shellcracker – 9 inches Perch – 10 inches Crappie – 10 inches Bass – 14 inches Channel Catfish – 16 inches The west pond for Catfish is catch […]

2016 Fish Limits

Our Club Now Has A Facebook Page! My 11yro son John asked me the other night “hey dad, does our club have a Facebook page? I want to ‘like’ it on mine.” I told him no, then I thought “but we should”. So today I made one! This will get […]

Our Facebook Page