Destruction of rifle range

  1. I need to take a minute to vent. You as members should need that too after reading this. Someone is once again shooting up the target holders on the rifle range. Shooting the posts with shotgun slugs, I believe at least once with a large caliber  rifle, and shooting shotgun pellets blowing up the wood. THIS IS ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!!!! I don’t know if it’s members or people sneaking in. I pray it’s not members, I would think members would have respect for their own club and not purposely destroy stuff. If it is, and caught, not only will they be expelled but they will be legally responsible for paying to rebuild the range. If not members and we catch them sneaking in we will file charges with the Wayne Co Sherriff.

So let me use this post as a reminder. Shot from a shotgun is not to be shot on the rifle or pistol ranges for any reason. There is a target holder with a mat in the trap building that can be placed on the trap range. This is the ONLY PLACE you may pattern your shotgun. Slugs can be sighted in on the rifle range. Please boresight your rifle before shooting to try to keep your shots on the mat. Remember to ask people you see out there for their card, and carry yours as well. Please report anyone you see destroying club property or not using the range properly. Thank you –

John Sokol, Treasurer

Terry Engle, President.

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