Committee Members Needed


At the last meeting we talked about some needs the club has, and how those needs have been taken care of in the past. We generally have a couple committees that take care of specific areas. Problem is well intentioned people say they will take care of things, then life gets in the way and it doesn’t happen. We have maybe the same five guys, who usually attends meetings but are not on a committee, who end up taking care of whatever is is that needs done. And the actual committee ends up consisting of one or two people, and those people need help to get whatever needs done – done. It’s been this way for years, so in an attempt to help better things around the club we decided to ask members to volunteer to be on a committee. I’m going to identify the different committees here. The name of the committee should pretty much be self explanatory as to what members on that committee are responsible for. Any major projects, changes, or money needed to be spent must be cleared by the Board. 

Also approved to try to encourage committee members to actively participate in their committee duties, we are going to have a gun raffle every six months, one in June and one in December. The only people who will be in this raffle are those who are on a committee and also attend meetings, because attending the meeting not only shows participation but also committee members can report what’s going on within their committee duties. Every meeting every committee member who comes to the meeting will fill out a raffle ticket. The more you attend the more tickets you’ll have in the barrel and the bigger chance you’ll have if your ticket being drawn. This is at no cost to the committee members, Lenape Trail will pay for the gun. 

We would like a total of six members on each committee. Of course there may be more if it’s needed and there may be too many signing up for one particular committee, and in that case I may be telling you at signup that committee is full and ask that you choose another. Please email the club at

If interested in being on a committee. 

The committees needed will be as follows:

Trap Committee- headed by Lee Brown, members will assist in needs of the trap. Picking up targets and keep firewood stocked for the winter are some of the included duties. 

Fishing Committee – takes care of and identifies needs for our ponds. Includes stocking and feeding fish. 

Gun Range Committee – maintains pistol and rifle ranges including changing mats when needed. 

Grounds Maintenance – we currently have three members on this committee, would like three more. One is retiring after this season. This mostly consists of mowing and weed eating, but may also work with the General Maintenance Committee to get things done. 

General Maintenance – Handyman type duties. Plumbers, carpenters, and jack of all trades kind of people needed for those type of duties. 

Again, please email at if interested. 

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